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About our company

Who is Rebuild New Jersey?


Mission Statement

 Rebuild New Jersey, a General Contractor company, was built during the public health crisis of 2020. We are dedicated to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing world. As a company that offers a wide range of construction and maintenance services to our community, we are the first line of defense against the many viruses and diseases affecting our world like never before.

Public safety is a top priority for us. Lack of sanitation contributes to about 10% of the global disease burden. Improved sanitation has significant impacts not only on health but on social and economic development, particularly in underserved communities. We assure the citizens that enter the doors of the buildings we work in by ensuring each building is clean and safe to the highest standard. We have an experienced Public Health advisor on-hand to ensure we have our fingers on the pulse of the latest OSHA standards, global sanitation regulations, and any potential threats to our staff and the community we work for the day today.



Construction professionals are the lifeblood of every organization with a physical presence. Our strength here at Rebuild New Jersey is in the level of training and cultivation that goes into each team member. We take pride in our work and our workers! With this understanding, we aim to ensure we give each employee we work with the keys to success while they are with us and as they move into new life chapters.

Rebuild New Jersey's goal is to do just what our name says- rebuild New Jersey. We employ New Jersians and give them access to educational programs, allowing them a chance to grow their skills and their ability to earn higher wages.

As a minority-owned business entity, we know how much these programs can impact a community. Giving people access to a roadmap for a brighter future will also motivate and uplift the community at large.


We are passionate about building a company that reflects the communities we work in. There should be no reason that job sites do not have all Races, Backgrounds, and Gender Orientations. Working through this goal will solve workforce problems like labor shortest and increase talent in construction. Our dedication to a diverse workplace makes us different from other companies because we don't just discuss diversity. We make it happen through our actions.    

Classifications MBA, SBA, Public Work certify 

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